Sunday, March 25, 2012

Today- the goal was to be outside

 The sun rose and it was a mad dash to make the 8:50 AM Kingston ferry
 Hello llama
 the yaks really are my favorite at the Olympic Game Farm

 this little one is getting bigger since the last time we came through
 do you like my pose? 

 it is shocking more people don't get mauled out in the forest. If this is all they have ever seen a Kodiak bear do
 please, sir- is there any more bread in your car?

 up close and personal 
 when it looks like that, how can you not be outside? 


Ernie Martinez said...

That fence holding the Kodiak bear does not look strong at all is there an electrical current running thru it.Beautiful sream and forest pics.The first one on the top looks great awesome colors.Bought a charger for my pc and now my pc has some other issues.That why i have not posted anything else.You have super duper day Luna.

Luna Indigo said...

sorry to hear you're having computer issues, that is a drag.
There is an electrical fence between the cars and the bears. Personally I think that if that bear wanted to it would just plow through that fence even if it got a shock. Out of all the animals at the game farm they are actually the most laid back. Go figure.