Tuesday, March 13, 2012

prints transformed into canvas

I started to get curious about having pictures turned into canvas prints and began asking friends if they had ever done it. I got some good feed back and decided to try Canvas On Demand. I lucked out because as I was starting to choose photographs there was a groupon that came up for them. This cut the cost considerably  Here are the three pictures I ordered as canvases:

My order came yesterday and they look fantastic! I hope another groupon comes around so that I can order some more in the future. 


Ernie Martinez said...

i espicially like the first one from the top but there all great choices so how much did the deal cost 39.99 over here in walgreens.

Ernie Martinez said...

depinding on size but the offer is for one.

Luna Indigo said...

the size was 16"x 20" I believe and it was the thick wrap around option. I could have used it I bet for a bigger size and covered the cost difference. I did pay the extra for the wire mount. The groupon was for I believe $50 or so and that got you the $112 deal. They are nicely done for sure.