Tuesday, March 06, 2012

a first- perfection in crochet

Last week I started thinking about crochet and how I wished that I could make a hat. Such an easy concept to think about. However sewing, knitting and crochet are all areas that I can easily fail at. Cooking, baking and photography are where I tend to succeed. I dug out some yarn and a hook at started on a little project.
 I made a hat, but that hat might fit a newborn for about a day. Some of the stitches are tight, others are loose. I tend to add and drop stitches at random as well.
Last night I started again. Look at that perfection! I have never in my life created such perfect lines or stitches. I am not quite sure what to do with this now. I had to share before I messed it up. 

1 comment:

Ernie Martinez said...

A scarf or cool belt maybe add a patch or something cute anime like.