Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Esophagitis = heartburn in normal language

about 3 weeks ago I went to see my doctor because I wasn't getting any better from having a cold for over 14 days. Big shocker, I had a sinus infection. (I seem to have one every year). I also conveyed to her that I have a tightness in my chest. Without really acknowledging what I said, she said it would go away. (This from the doctor that people rave about because she listens to them!) That pain turned into an awful burning sensation. That horrible burning sent me to the emergency room last Thursday. While there I was given an EKG and had tests done to see if I had the precursors for an oncoming heart attack (oh joy). I even got to answer questions like : do you regularly use cocaine? (this is the day it came out that Whitney Houston died of heart disease caused by cocaine use). The doctor there gave me pecid and a great GI cocktail that immediately made the burning sensation go away.
 with orders to take take a liquid antacid and
 Pepcid twice a day for a week, I suddenly felt like I was in my 70's.( I threatened to carry around a box of chalk and to pull out a stick every time I had a twinge of pain)

 Suddenly I was having to rethink everything I ate. Chocolate was out. ( I tested myself on that saturday morning, and suddenly had lots of pain)
 Jelly beans were fine. Go figure.
 Sadly most cheeses were out too. Most white cheeses are treating me quite alright.
 Tomatoes, oranges...these are were out.
Even beer and carbonated drinks. Oddly, mints too cause heartburn. I was facing a horribly bland diet. I have been working steadily on maintaining a good food regime and now it was all being thrown out the window. I still do not know why all of a sudden I have found myself having this heartburn. I don't smoke, nor eat very spicy foods and have never drank coffee. Being "banned" from my normal foods has made me a cranky, sad human being. On the plus side my heartburn has responded nicely to the medicines. I don't however want to be stuck with this bland menu plan for the rest of my life. 
I then happened across something about apple cider vinegar. 1 to 2 teaspoons in an 8 ounce glass of water can squelch a flare up of heartburn. I added some immediately to my water glass, looked at it for a while and started drinking. Gawd, it was disgusting. Who willingly drinks vinegar? 
Sure enough the vinegar helped me almost instantly. I don't know why an acid + an acid in this case works. I'll take it. Here's hoping that I am almost done with pepcid and can just take the vinegar occasionally. 

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