Friday, March 09, 2012

because sometimes you just need a little something

I realize on the surface it might seem that I have not actually been changing my eating habits. I actually have been craving more vegetables lately which is an amazing feat in it's self.  Today I ate a salad before 10:30 AM because I wanted a snack. 
 Trophy Cupcakes was making Dr. Seuss themed cupcakes last weekend in honor of his birthday. They kept them around this week because they were so popular thanks to the release of the film version of "The Lorax"  Do you recognize the colors in the above cupcake? 
 Last year they made Guinness Chocolate Stout cupcakes for Saint Patrick's Day. I missed out thanks to them only being around for 1 day. This year they are around for the entire month of March and boy are they tasty!
 A favorite flavor of ours around here is the snickerdoodle cupcake.
and of course the vanilla chocolate 

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