Thursday, February 09, 2012

odds and ends of Kauai

 Check out this guy. Yes, that is a paddle board and yes he did use it to surf!

 shave ice to cool you down after a hard day at the beach
 sunset out the airplane window


Ernie Martinez said...

I bought a surf board once and could not stand upright all i could was lay upon it i tryed and tryed and just gave to a cousin.Now give a skatebord old school roller skates or a bike and now wherd talking.Cool colors on the shaved ice we call it a Piragua but the ice is shaved manually then give the form of acone then a flavored syrup is poured on it strawberry,cocunt etc etc.

Luna Indigo said...

I tried paddle boarding this year and ended up using it like a kayak. That guy has got to have some awesome balancing skills. When I tried standing up with just mild waves I ended up falling in the ocean!

There are many different flavors of shave ice in the Hawaiian islands. I was bummed that our favorite place was always closed when we drove by. Talk about crazy colors and flavors!