Friday, February 24, 2012

Modern day Lent, a sweet luxury of the first world

I am not a catholic, nor do I ever intend on becoming one. I have many friends who are not catholic and yet every year practice Lent. I admire that these people have the need to give something up for 40 days/ nights. However living in a first world country makes Lent a luxury practice in my eyes.

When friends say that they are giving up chocolate or cheese for the duration of Lent part of me wants to laugh. I know that these "sacrifices" seem huge. When you look at a third world country where cheese and chocolate are so far from the normal every day living that it all just seems beyond ridiculous.

If I wear to give up something for Lent it would be to create a real hardship. Maybe I would not wear shoes from 8 AM to 8 PM. Or only wear a light weight coat outside for 40 days. Or limit myself to being able to spend only $10 in a twelve hour time span. Yes, that's right- what would you do if you only had $10 for 12 hrs every day? Say good bye to those fancy coffee drinks or those lunches bought at your favorite lunch spot. You'd have to learn how to make some hard choices.

That is what I see the meaning of Lent as. People in the first world don't know how lucky they are until you start taking away those things we all take for granted.

Think about it, what would you sacrifice for Lent?

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