Wednesday, February 22, 2012

in search of snowy owls

 check out the rainbow. I didn't feel any raindrops, just a strong wind as I stood on a bluff to take this picture

 these little guys were looking for a handout 

 Olympic Game Farm was super quiet today. I have a soft spot for the yaks.
 check out the newest little yak
 Sorry Charlie, I have heard that the zebras bite so no bread for you
 This Kodiak was awake but couldn't be bothered to get up
 The timber wolf was against pictures
 define irony, a little black bunny sitting outside the cage of a lioness who is devouring raw steak
 The Fallow deer do love their handouts
 There are two bison at the farm who have figured out a perfect strategy.  Chase off the deer and then shove your head into an open car window. Works every time. This will be a huge problem as they age.

Hood Canal was like glass today as we drove across it.

And no, there were no snowy owls seen on this trip.

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