Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Braille Fail

My oldest child was recently signed up for services with the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library. I have yet to get their website to work for me as far as checking out books go. They however send me a talking book at least once a week for my daughter to listen to, sometimes they are rather inappropriate for her age group. I can say though that everything has been labeled in braille and printed English. The other day we randomly got this calendar in the mail from them. It is brightly colored and look there's braille under the title:
 Oh wait a moment;
Some super thoughtful person only used a normal printer for that braille, no actually blind person can read that smooth print! Can we say fail?


Ernie Martinez said...

Man what a,way to cut corners fail fail fail.As a child my parents used to buy me children books with cassetts i still remeber this story about firefighters.So you have a child with some kind of sight imperiment?If you do i would imagine that person has his or hers othere sense very stimulated your a very creative person.Flowers,clay,music.

Luna Indigo said...

Thankfully my oldest isn't blind. I have had better luck ordering just normal audio books for all my kids then what they chose to send us from the library.

Ernie Martinez said...

Hey luna i found out how to post my pics i posted a few so please check it out when you have a chance.