Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Snow Apocalypse Continues

The weather reports said freezing rain and a severe cold front were coming for today, Thursday the 19th. I live on a hill that is about 500ft above sea level. I am used to the weird anomaly of weather that happens in my neighborhood. Thanks to the close proximity of Puget Sound. 

 At 8 AM this morning, there was about a half hour of that freezing rain and then it turned into hail for about 5 minutes. 
 For the last 3 hours or so we have had snow falling, very steady here. This has created the fabled and much sung about Winter Wonderland that many people dream about during the Christmas holidays. 

 The trees and plants are heavy under the weight of all this snow and ice

 Many people are without power in the region causing our governor to call a temporary state of emergency.
Tomorrow temperatures are supposed to rise into the 40's which makes me worried about flooding. 

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