Friday, January 20, 2012

Melting into floods

At 4 AM there was a fine snow falling out of the sky. By 8AM the world had warmed up just enough to start the melting process.

 Over the last few days the city has been extremely calm and quiet. Now with the melting of snow the noises of the city are coming back: sirens, train and boat horns, airplanes over head and buses plowing by.
 So long well formed ice on the window frames
 farewell snow on the trees

nice to have you around for a bit snow people


Ernie Martinez said...

Hey Luna awesome pics cool comment about the snow people.I used to live in Nj where snow was plentiful everyyear I left in 96 we had a,record 27 inches that year Now I live Puerto Rico lots of sun and rain inbetween.I was wonderind do you change the amount of pixels I tryed to upload one photo on to my blog and it was to big.Do you know,how to do it?

Luna Indigo said...

Honestly, I do nothing with my pixels. I just upload the pictures and go on with life. I've only been to Puerto Rico once and I remember that it was lovely. Do you miss actual seasons?