Thursday, January 12, 2012

Imagine for a moment:

There is a medium sized cardboard box sitting in the airport, waiting to be claimed. Time passes and that box is still sitting there, abandoned by whomever sent it. A police dog sniffs it, and sniffs it again this time getting a bit agitated. The human attached to the dog then becomes curious about this lonesome object, wondering why the dog is excited. The authorities take it to the x-ray machine. They cannot quite tell what exactly is in the box. They see outlines of packages, but what is in those packages? The bomb squad is called in and asked to detonate this poor, sad, abandoned box. This team all in black, wearing their protective gear and with one lone dog come in and set up their stuff. Far too many law enforcement officers for a silly box. They stand around trying to look important and gruff talking in low whispers to each other. Finally, all is ready and that medium sized cardboard box is blown up. 
All the officers in their black uniforms are suddenly covered in this light weight white fluff and an odd gel like substance. The dog licks the gel and starts puckering it's lips. One of the bomb squad officers loses their cool and utters "what the fuck?" Turns out that box was just holding diapers for a family that had their flight delayed. 

(I can see this in my head clear as day and relayed it to my husband. We had a good hearty laugh. He then told me maybe I shouldn't be watching so many episodes of "Homeland" back to back)

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