Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The evolution of a Tuesday snow day in Seattle (before sunset)

By 8 PM last night the Seattle Public Schools had decided upon a 2 hour late start. Never mind there wasn't any significant snow on the ground. At 6 AM this morning Seattle streets were bare and wet.
 By 10:15 AM this morning the snow started to fall. 
 Beautiful large flakes and in a matter of minutes everything had a nice light dusting of snow
 At around 11 AM Seattle Public schools called to say they were having a 2 hr early dismissal.  ( that meant an 11 to 1 school day for elementary kids)

 Things must have warmed up because the snow started to melt
 while the clouds above moved across the sky, we watched the snow melt and drip out of the trees

The meteorologists are now saying your guess is as good as mine in regards to the snow forecast. They are still predicting anywhere from 1-14 inches. 
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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