Sunday, December 11, 2011

got holiday spirit?

(The owner of the silver Volvo lives next to me. )They had a rather large holiday gathering on Friday night. Large enough to make it very difficult for anyone to park on our street. (The owner of the grey land rover lives across the street in that cute little green house.) Now I am guessing that my neighbor across the street came home at some point during said holiday party and the only open spot was in front of the house right next to me.
On any other street in the city this would be fine. Except my neighbors directly to the west of me have this little issue of passive aggressive behavior.  As mentioned in past blogs they think it is their right and only their right to park in front of their house. If per chance they have to park anywhere else, then the moment the spot in front of their house opens up they move their car immediately. 
Now add to that the neighbors with the Volvo also have expressed their displeasure with the lovely new color painted on the other neighbor's house and well, that explains the awesome in your face parking job in the picture above. What a great example of the true Christian holiday spirit! 

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