Tuesday, September 06, 2011

learning about the lay of the land

My husband and I have started looking at potential pieces of land in the hopes of building a cabin. Our kids really enjoy being outside and staying at cabins. For a family of 5 that can add up in rental costs. As the kids get older it would be nice to have a place to spend a long weekend or most the summer at. I started looking at real estate online to get a feeling of price and acreage. It would seem no matter what site you look at the same properties are listed. And many of these properties have been on the market for over 2 years. Land is not selling all that fast. 
I found some properties that peaked my interest and so we set out to find these places without an agent because at this point in time we don't need one.  We went to check out this piece of land that said it was about 7.2 acres with some river frontage. Doesn't that sound grand? The few pictures on the web made it look great. My husband and I both thought the shape of the actual property was a bit odd. For it was on two sides of the road. From hwy 101 all you could see was trees, which was a nice sight. Turning off the highway an onto the little road you still saw mostly trees until you turned the corner and then:
 This is what you saw. Freshly clear cut land. It was like this raw gaping wound. I guess the owner needed some quick cash or something. I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy this property now.
 The next piece of land looked just like it said it would. The bank on the river was a little to high for kids to have an easy way at getting down to it
 at least all the trees were still there.
We're still looking. 

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