Saturday, September 03, 2011

Edmonds- Kingston- Sappho- Kingston- Edmonds

 The ferry heading out was full to the brim
 the birds are waiting for a nice fish to swim by
 on your mark, get ready, go! bikes are always let off first

 It is always fun to find a fun diner to eat at

 Check out that view!
 Misty Olympics 
 Good morning fog
 the morning snail
 ferns between the cabins
 random wood beaver on the wall inside the cabin
 check out that workmanship! 
 These trees were just on the other side of a fence on a property for sale outside of La Push

 moss grows every where here
 Dead trees at the edge of Rialto beach
 driftwood is always fun to look at

 the bear on the outside of the cabin
 Lake Crescent you are always lovely

 the leaves were already falling down
 check this out, same scene different settings on the new camera

 anyone want to help me buy this property?
 Hungry Bear Cafe and Motel was where we hung our hats this trip
 Trees on a different potential property. 

 A fun picnic spot for cars and passengers on Lake Crescent 
 Check out those beautiful trees

 There is something magical about light filtering through the trees
 Mount Rainier in all it's glory
 good windy day for sailing
 and Mount Baker too
The ferry was only half full on the ride home

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