Friday, August 19, 2011

Gatos a plenty

It might be a month now that we've had Harold the cat. He's 14 pounds of fluff, chatter and neediness. When he first discovered we had a dog it was if he wanted to say "Oh thank god there is a dog!'
 as you can see Harold has been trying to snuggle up to Gus on many occasion. We noticed that Harold seemed a bit lonely and in want of another cat. We had learned that upon adopting him, he had been with his brother Hudson but for some odd reason his previous owners had given them away separately.   A week ago we headed back to Meow to check out a possible addition to our family.  As luck would have it we found a little girl, Celeste.
 Pippa (we renamed her) spent her first few days in my son's bedroom adjusting to all the crazy noises of our household. Then we would hold open the door about an inch to let her smell Harold, who she really wasn't sure of. She then got to have small forays out into the hallway. There's no holding her back now.
 Pippa and Harold are doing fairly well with each other.  Occasionally Pippa isn't quite ready for Harold to be so close to her and she gives him a light swat.  She has definitely helped Harold find his inner kitten again and you can hear them bounding around together.
Pippa is going to make a fine cat. She is only a year old though, so there is a bit more growing to do. Plus she has to figure out that Gus isn't really as scary as she thinks he is. 

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