Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Range Animals Part 2

 The second time through the Olympic Game Park proved yet another good trip. The animals were more awake this time around.
 Come on! We know you have bread in there!
 Here is an odd assortment of animals. One alpaca, one white rino and a peacock who is displaying his feathers (okay, you can really seen him but he's there. Trust me)
 All be damned. Kodiak bears smile

 Please, can you just let me out?
 This is a not so innocent little bison calf. It would scare those deer in the background away to get more bread. And would have climbed in the car if it could have.
 notice the sheer size of this elk compared to the mini van. now take note it is only a juvenile one, not yet full grown or sporting a rack of antlers.
 Yes, please I'll take a little bit more
there were also red-tailed hawks and bald eagles soaring around

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