Monday, August 29, 2011

being rash- something I am not

Yes, it's true I am on Facebook and Twitter. Hell I am even over on tumblr! Facebook is a weird medium. Suddenly, you are friends with all these people from different aspects of your life and it is weird to see who knows who and it generally isn't through your own connection. 

I have family on Facebook too. Whether they are my adopted , biological  or step. Here's the funny thing, some of them I have never actually meant but they figured out who I was and friended me. If I am worried about how they will take this crazy liberal then I censor what they can see, so that I don't easily offend them. Other times I throw caution to the wind and don't censor people. 

I don't come to decisions in a hasty matter either. I deliberate over things, sometime only a few hours and other times over a few months. On the outside it might look to the average person that I arrived at a conclusion in a quick manner but they are not inside my head.

I recently censored a family member just to take a break from the barrage of comments they could write on my various postings. Sometimes the comments were fine. Other times they actually could easily be considered racist. Other times they were just plan off the mark and offensive. I needed a break and so did all the rest of my friends. I must add here that it wasn't about being the devil's advocate either. That I can see and am fine with it.

The last two weeks have been super crazy in my world. I barely have felt like I could take a breath most days. I literally have been doing at least three things at once from the moment I get up in the morning to the time I decide to go to bed at night. If you have tried to IM at any point during this time I seriously couldn't take the time to answer in most cases.

The relative I censored sent me a message on Facebook and I seriously didn't have 2 minutes to type back. Then they tried to IM me as I was talking to my husband on the phone and trying tostop my children from beating each other. I guess this was somehow taken as offensive because they have since defriended me.

I really want to be like "and how old are we today? thrown any tantrums lately?" Last week I noticed most everyone I encountered was super grumpy. I think the combination of warm weather and the end of summer was taking a toll of Seattle and maybe the rest of the world. 

This relative couldn't take a step back and look at the situation. There was no real drama to make of the situation. I wasn't lying about my busy life. However the decision was made on their part. I am starting to believe this crazy family of mine could all make lots of money on a soap opera because they are the kings and queens of drama.

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