Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fair thee well sweet Maizy

 Eight and a half years ago we brought home Maizy. She was staying with a foster family who volunteer with Meow Cat Rescue. The story went that Maizy had brought 2 kittens to some well knowing humans for help. So, they thought she was amazing and then gave her the name Maizy (which has been spelled so many different ways!) At the time we adopted her, Maizy was somewhere between the ages of 2-4 or at least that is what all the humans thought. At her foster family she was picked on by other cats and took refuge with the family dog. My husband I knew right away this was our cat. We have a giant dog who absolutely adores cats. And sure enough they became very fast friends.
Maizy lived a great life with us. We never let her outside because 1- that is what you agree to when you adopt a cat from Meow and 2- because we know the streets around here can be quite deadly. Maizy loved to sit in the sun and sleep with us at night. She would get under foot as we tried to do things around the house. As we started to have children Maizy adjusted fairly well. Each one of our kids got a good smack after pushing her too far. This of course was a point beyond any normal cat's tolerance. And it was just one smack, enough to get her point across. Over the last year we have watched as Maizy started to pull out her fur for some unknown reason. We treated her and she got better. Then a few months ago something in her body switched. She started to drink to much water and eat way to much food. Our once happily round cat suddenly was dropping weight. I watched her this last month very closely and even thought she had died one morning when I couldn't wake her. Maizy carried on valiantly to the end. It was sadly time to say good-bye yesterday. 
Maizy, where ever you may be now we hope that you are rid of those demons that ailed you. We will miss you something terrible. You join a fine lot who have gone before you.
 Good bye oh sweet Maizy.

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