Monday, July 25, 2011

A closet case

Life likes to surprise you. After watching our cat Maizy, steadily decline for the last few months my husband and I thought we would not be getting another cat right away. Don't get me wrong there would be cats in our future but we were going to take a break and just have our dog. And then by chance or mistake I was looking at the Meow Cat Rescue site and well;
My heart cannot just let a cat who needs a home not get one. Meet Harold. He'll be 9 in mid August. His previous owners relinquished him because of allergies their child developed. I get allergies but what makes me mad is how the owners did it. For you see Harold and his brother were separated. His previous owners first got rid of his brother then a month or so later brought Harold to the shelter. So, obliviously these people don't understand how important companionship is. I hope where ever Harold's brother ended up that he is happy and not too lonely. 
Is it too soon to have another cat? Why yes it is. I still find it odd that Maizy is not in her window sleeping. I know we made the right decision though.
And as for Harold? He hid yesterday in my oldest's closet. Today he's purring and venturing into her room. And I even got him to step out into the hallway. Curiosity, is definitely winning here. 


pooja said...

Aww, he's so cute! I'm going to miss Maizy as well, but I also look forward to meeting your new family member :o) Have he and Gus met yet??

Luna Indigo said...

this morning without any fanfare Harold came down and met Gus. Once he saw Gus he actually came down the stairs faster! They are going to be great buddies. Harold still is retreating to his closet for safety though.