Monday, May 23, 2011


Our next door neighbors are having their brick house tuck-pointed. It you don't know what that is; it means the old mortar is chiseled out and replaced with new mortar. It can be very expensive to do this to an entire house but often it is necessary after a 20 or more years. Our neighbors always try and do things on the cheap side but expect high quality craftsmanship. This project has been going on for more then a month now. I have been the project over there and I have been a bit confused as to the logic behind how the work is being accomplished. It seems that the workers have a random approach to what is tuck-pointed first. They have done much of the brickwork closest to the ground, and near some of the windows. The middle and tops have gone untouched. Which means when they go back to these sections the dirty grim from the stuff above runs down onto the newly finished areas. Wouldn't you want to work from the top down?

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