Monday, May 30, 2011

On the road again, this time up to Deception Pass and back again

 The day started off cloudy and then changed around to be quiet lovely.

 Almost on key people arrived by the droves at just after 12 PM
 What a fun day to be out and about
 As we drove away from the water the clouds seemed to be looming but they held off
 Today the state patrol and police were out in serious force. These three lucky guys finally got a chance for a coffee break.
 The fields are plowed

 You know sometimes when you order french fries they come in those little rectangular bowls? My husband asked for 2 scoops and came back with this overflowing with ice cream.  I think my family ate 2 pints of ice cream today!
 When we're in the area we always stop here. You can get ice cream (as pictured above) or veggies or seafood there.
what's a little drive in the country without some farm equipment driving on the road?

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