Monday, May 02, 2011

Medco Crazyness

I have been having some serious issues with Medco lately. They refused to fill a prescription I had up for renewal about a month ago because the computer didn't understand something. I called them up, talked with one of their representatives and a pharmacist. Both of these ladies finally understood (after much explaining) that while I had tried out a different prescription I was now going back to my original one because the new one had given severe dizziness. They made notes in my file and said they would send out my prescription in the next 5 days. One week later I received yet another email from Medco stating that they cannot fill my prescription even though I had gotten this all handled the week before. I call them up again, and this time they claim they need a new prescription from my doctor, they are completely ignoring my last phone call and the notes written in my file. I call my doctor to have them fax a new prescription in. The receptionist writes my info down and says no problem. Here I am a week and a half later, no prescription in hand. Did I mention that I needed to start it yesterday? Medco claimed they were going to send me a letter in the mail about why they couldn't fill my prescription the first time. I didn't get in until late last week. Check this out, the 3 pictures below are from one piece of paper:
 address number 1
 address number 2
address number three

No wonder they are such a horrible company, they can't even commit to one address! And all the actual prescriptions are filled in Las Vegas.  I think it is time for a little streamlining and spring cleaning at Medco. Don't you?

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