Thursday, May 05, 2011

Medco Craziness the sequel

two weeks have passed since I asked my doctor's office to fax in a new prescription to Medco. This past monday I actually called my doctor to ask if they had faxed the prescription. Yes, in fact they had faxed it twice. 

This afternoon I called my Premera customer service phone number again. I explained to the woman who took my call that I had been having an ongoing problem with Medco refilling a prescription for me. She stayed on the line after reaching Medco. It would seem that despite having 2 other conversations with Medco and them claiming to have documented each. That someone along the line ignored all that was said and still had put a HOLD on my prescription because they thought that I was on something else.

Never mind how many different people with both Premera and Medco I had told, no I had an adverse reaction to that new prescription and in fact need my old prescription ASAP. And that even if I was on that other prescription I would still in fact need this one filled because an entire month has elapsed and I would be out of pills.

Get this, the woman from Medco today put a "red flag" on my prescription to get it expedited to me. Sounds good right? Except that it takes them 24 hrs to actually look at a prescription and fill it. And then get this: UPS will not pick up packages on saturdays anymore. Most likely my prescription will not be sent out until monday and then it will take about 3 days to reach me. About this time next week I should have my prescription.

Fabulous work Medco. I will then have been off birth control for about 2 weeks. I think that me staying on birth control is actually cheaper for you, then my having a fourth child. Thanks for your awful customer service, I will be lodging a formal complaint about this fiasco. 

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