Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have you heard? The Rapture is happening on May 21st

From various news sources and social sites online I keep hearing about the Rapture happening this coming Saturday. I have heard two stories about real life people that stuck in my head.

Today my oldest child's occupational therapist said she heard on NPR about a family who sold all their belongings, pulled their children out of school, stopped paying their taxes and have flown to a remote part of France to await this event. WHAT?

The other story came from my neighbor Traci who learned about this very wise business man. He has a business that will take care of your animals once you have ascended up with Jesus. You see, non-Christians and animals will not be included in this event. People pay something like $200 for this service. How is this legal?

Whatever happens or does not happen on Saturday I think I shall bake a cake. Because either way, we'll need to celebrate!

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