Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bring me your quirks and habits

Think about the people who are your friends, lovers and family. Now think about their odd little quirks, ticks and habits. The ones that actually don't fit with the rest of their personality. The paradoxes if you will. These little things that make them so uniquely them. The attributes that used to drive you nuts and now make you smile.

Now share them with me in the comments. I am looking for ideas on how to make my characters in my screenplay more human and memorable. Don't worry, this is not to make fun of anyone. No real names will be mentioned. 


Catherine said...

I hate it when people step out of the shower without drying off their feet and the rug has 2 sopping wet spots. If you're the next person in there with your stocking feet, you have to go put new socks on. Ugh.

Luna Indigo said...

that's a good one!