Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whoops- drink failure

After my first round of being outside this morning, I thought I could treat myself to a "fancy drink" as I call them. I pulled out my milk frother and set it to work. I stood looking into my cupboard trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to drink. Cocoa, not really. Vanilla steamed milk? Nope. Hazelnut sounds good. What about baking cocoa and hazelnut? YES. In my head I was thinking that I was creating a not to sweet warm treat. In reality I somehow created an incredibly strong almost bitter concoction that I could not taste any hazelnut in. In fact it seemed almost to be like coffee. I think I have a great handle on what chocolate used to taste like before they figured out that sugar should be added to it. Needless to say I couldn't finish it. 

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