Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twitter- Facebook-Blogger-Tumblr- Etiquette .

Over the last few days I have been tweeting back and forth with @L8enough about feelings being hurt in the vast cyber-world. 

There are no etiquette classes offered on how to behave in this new frontier that humans have created. In fact before Twitter came on the scene five years ago, people were already having a very hard time with emails. Type something the wrong way and BAM you have a huge argument unfold. People still haven't figured out how to properly interrupt emails, texts, blogs or tweets. Suddenly, the author of a most innocent sounding tweet can find them self in a hailstorm of nasty mentions because their intent was completely misunderstood.

On one hand most people would be like "well, you don't know them. So, forget about it". On the other hand the author does have feelings and while they probably don't know the people behind the nasty comments; it still hurts. We all have feelings and it would seem the people in the cyber world have forgotten this.

All they see is a tiny thumbnail of a picture attached to a random alias. They don't think about this person having a family or whatever else that person might actually be in the "real" world. No, they are to caught up in the fun of trouncing someone in cyber land. 

Maybe this is our next generation of bullies. A faceless mass that randomly takes aim at the innocent. Never once realizing that they have actually harmed an actual person.

Before you retweet something or type some nasty response to an unknown person. Think about what you are doing. How would it feel if you were on the other side of that tweet? Sure you might just be one person but there are 100 others doing exactly what you are doing, maybe more. 

Now how do you feel? Not so good. You aren't feeling so funny now, are you?

Don't be a cyber bully. And don't perpetuate it by retweeting something that could easily be misinterpreted. 

This has happened to me, has it happened to you?


Alex@LateEnough said...

Yes, I believe that we attack personas because we forget they're each made up of a person. My hardest is when someone KNOWS me and makes assumptions or when they pretend to be understanding and then leaving. I don't mind direct meanness as much as those.

Luna Indigo said...

I have gotten 3 apologies so far. Thanks to my pointing this out.

I am starting to think about the movie "Heathers" and how sometimes cyber space feels a lot like that movie.

People don't seem to understand that blatant rudeness is not "in". There are so many inner voices that are actually said out loud these days.

Remember that phrase 'if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all'? I wish more people did this.

If we all agreed with what each other said all the time the world would be a very boring place.

Maybe we should add the debate team onto the list of what people need to repeat. Preschool for social skills and sharing. The debate team to understand that it is healthy to argue and share ideas in this format. And that it doesn't mean suddenly you un-friend someone because you have a disagreement.