Monday, April 11, 2011

Rogue Road Signs-- Wanting to be a superhero for 48 hrs.

My road graffiti has slowed some of the cars going up and down my street. There are at least four individuals that have not even noticed my signs. They all still speed up and down my street as if it was a heavy arterial. I am pretty sure all four people must live on the street at the end of mine. I even bet that all of them complain about cars who go to fast up and down their own street.

Which leads me to my superhero fantasy. Picture this: I hear one of the four individual fast cars approaching. I zip out to the curb, hiding behind my minivan. As the super fast car passes, I step in front of the car causing it to come to a screeching halt. The driver of the car is clearly shaken and all their blood has drained out of their face causing them to look extremely white. I calmly look at the driver, open their door (if their window isn't down) and say " what if I had been a cat? What if i had been a dog? Or god forbid a child?" They just stare at me, trembling. I then tell them never to drive so fast down any residential side street again.

I think I would need to be a superhero for at least 48 hrs just in case the message doesn't get across the first time.

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