Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Over Night

We managed to sneak away for a night this past weekend. At first we were going to head east, thought about going south and then ended up southwest on the coast. When you hear the weather is going to be crazy, it makes it hard to choose which way to run. Anyway, by the time we reached out destination it had cooled off considerably. That didn't seem to bother the kids though. They were all so happy to be out of the car.
 I know you can't tell from this picture but that green space is pretty sizable. In fact it was nice and long to the right and left too. Why did I bother to take a picture of grass? Because this space proved to be the best reason ever for why we left Seattle. For you see, far past those trees are dunes, beach and ocean. If you were to turn around from where this picture was taken was a huge motel building. My kids could run at full speed without any care in the world. And I could stand there and not worry about any cars plowing them down. Priceless! 
 Good morning robin
This little one was convinced there were crumbles that had yet to be discovered upon our porch.

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