Thursday, April 07, 2011

The inner fight- healthy versus indulgences

How many of us fight with ourselves every day about food? We make deals with ourselves; if I eat this cookie then I will have to eat a salad for dinner. How many of us never do the second half of that deal? Why does it seem so much easier just to grab a bag of chips or bite into a great little cookie?
If I ate the soup pictured above 5 days a week for lunch and didn't snack on sugary goodies then I would probably be back to my pre-baby weight in no time. I am not anti-veggie. I do so enjoy a well made salad, fresh crunchy carrots, non-mushie apples,etc...
Some where along the way though, I somehow transitioned into thinking that snack= sweet treats. Ironically, while I was in pastry school I stopped eating baked goods all together and dropped an enormous amount of weight. I didn't need to lose any weight and people thought I was anorexic. It just shows you how stopping something can effect you.
I have learned that when the weather outside is warmer and the sun is actually shining I eat far less sugar. Not only do I have to deprogram myself from craving sugar, it would also seem that I need to move to a warmer sunnier climate!
Does anyone else out there have this problem?

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