Thursday, April 28, 2011

Idiotic car driver versus our school bus

This morning I looked outside and was kind of shocked to see how many cars were parked outside on our street. Our neighbors are having their house tuck pointed so there are two worker cars out there. Plus our neighbor Kim's boyfriend was over so there were literally many cars lined up along the sides of our street creating just one driving lane. Our bus driver is pretty courteous, despite his gruff manner and will not pull up to our house until he sees us coming out with Isabel. This of course lets traffic get easily by while he waits. This morning we had just gotten Isabel on the bus and secured her wheel chair. When both Lars and  I look up to see this car driving towards the bus.
The woman driver of the car had an opportunity to turn right and go down a different side street to avoid this situation. Or she could have waited by the other street and let the bus pass her before continuing down our street. Instead this woman chose to block the bus, get out of her car and yell at our bus driver. You could see her motioning for him to back up. She angrily got back into her car wrote something on a pad of paper. Backed into our neighbor Mark's driveway, wrote something else down and then went on her way.
Last I checked buses have the right of way. She had her chance to not be in this situation and purposely chose to be obnoxious instead. If I hear anything about today's incident I will tell them what I saw. This driver was an idiot. 

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