Monday, April 04, 2011

I don't want to grow up mama

Today I had a very sad child. I asked him why he was so sad, he said he didn't want to get bigger because then he wouldn't be able to wear his two dresses.  When I said that we all grow bigger even when we don't want to, that sent my son into hysterics. (whoops, bad mama) I said that scientists haven't figured out how to stop us from actually growing but as you grow you can hold onto your youthful excitement (big concept for a 3yr old, I know). That seemed to be okay. Although the dresses were a touchy subject. My son wailed that he only wanted to wear dresses and to stay small. I told him that if he got bigger I could buy him a bigger dress, for some reason this wasn't comforting. I know with at least one of his dresses (not the one pictured above) that I would have no problem replacing it with a bigger one. Maybe that will be my little secret, I'll just replace his dress with the same one as he grows. It will be the ever wonderful magical dress.

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