Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have gate

My husband filled out the required fields on the Service Magic website to help us find someone to build us a fence in the front yard. Our kids desperately want to be outside all the time, which is quite awesome except when there are 3 of them and only 1 of me. I need something to help keep them somewhat contained. Hence the idea for a fence. Do we really want a fence out there? Not really. In fact the latch for the gate has to be on the outside (sidewalk side) otherwise the kids will open it. So, obviously we aren't building it for security issues.
The website spit out 2 different companies. They came out and gave us bids. We've never actually received a bid from one of the companies. Guess they don't want our business. The second person to come out was a contractor. He's never built a fence before, I guess times are tough. I started to look for an actual fence company to call for a bid. Found one and they came out. That was all about a month ago. Contractor guy was pricing wood last time we heard from him, that was a week ago (after his second visit). The fence people gave us  two bids, one for $2,600 and one for about $3,000. Hmmmm
In the mean time the kids want to go outside every day whether it is raining or not and I still do not have a fence. Sunday afternoon my husband spent 2 hours outside bagging this and that together. Now we have that haphazard gate up at the beginning of our walkway. There is no other piece of fencing up, just tulips on one side and a rose bush on the other. That silly gate actually stopped my littlest one from leaving the yard today.  We shall see how long it takes for her to figure out that she can just walk around it.

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