Saturday, April 09, 2011

from blue to orange

 Two years ago we were in the midst of remodeling our house. I agonized about paint colors. I knew that I didn't want any white walls in my house. Now after being back in our house for a year and a half I am happy with all but one. (I should say that the front hall bugs me but it bugged me as we were painting it). I chose a blue for the living room and I am still convinced to this day that the paint on my walls is not the paint I picked out. This blue makes me feel like I am under water and since I spend most my time in this room , I think it's time for a change.
 For some reason the orange palette got stuck in my head. Today we headed off to Lowes to see what kind of colors would work.
I know it is hard to grasp from this photo just how brilliant some of these paint chips are. I think over all I did very well at picking a good assortment and the right color range. I don't want to have to repaint the ceiling or the trim. I am not looking forward to painting the living room over again but at the same time my mental health is highly important to me. 


Catherine said...

I'm agonizing about my kitchen paint colors as well. Tried a few today that i thought would look good, but didn't. Still working on it.

Luna Indigo said...

it can be hard. I have narrowed the field down since when I posted this blog. It helped to lie on the floor next to Isabel and stare at them for a while taped to the door frame. It also helps to put the chips in different types of light.