Monday, April 18, 2011

from blue to orange: Part 3, 2 Days= entire living room painted

Friday night falls and it is off to Lowes to buy some paint. Nothing like taking the bird in the hand and running with it. I wasn't sure we would actually do the painting over the weekend. Saturday morning dawns and I had the feeling this was the day. We moved the furniture out, washed the walls. Taped and covered things in plastic. Covered the floors, removed all the outlet covers. Did I mention that my son was throwing up? Oh, yes! We're not sure how he got sick, as he wasn't showing any signs of being under the weather the night before.
 First up, we have to prime. There is no way any paint is going to cover up our dark aqua blue walls on the first go around.
 This ficus has been with me since I was about 15 years old. It is HUGE! It got to stay in the living room while I painted. Yes, I accidentally painted some of it's leaves at one point too. I am starting to believe that if we ever actually sell this house the ficus will just have to stay here.
 Why does primer act differently then other paint? It really didn't want to go on in the corners. The primer color reminded me of the flesh colored crayon from my Crayola crayon box from when I was little.
 Next up came the "flaming desire". Yes, that is seriously the name of the color we chose. How in hell do they name paint colors? As I was going around painting it on the walls, all I could think of was Kraft macaroni and cheese.
 Here is the primer and the official paint color. It was so bright, my husband and I decided that maybe we didn't need our living room to be that bright.
 We knew that we were going to need a second coat anyway, so we chose a darker color "orange pecan" to finish up with.
 We go from the inside of a catelope
 To the inside of a papaya. 
We created a fan design on the wall behind the couch. Can you believe that "flaming desire" is the outside to stripes of the fan? Looks quite different when you have it next to other colors. Doesn't it?

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