Saturday, March 26, 2011

watchful neighbor

Earlier in the week a car parked in front of my house at about 3:35 PM in the afternoon. The person whipped out a laptop and started doing something. I found this a bit odd. My oldest child's bus arrived by 3:45 PM and that same lady was still in her car. I brought my daughter in and walked back outside. I went to the car and knocked on the lady's window and asked her what she was doing. She claimed that she had a meeting at a house at 4 PM. I told her it was strange to have someone sitting in their car outside my house working on their computer. I came back in with adrenaline racing through my bloodstream.

Last night I had turned off all the lights in the living room and was going to head upstairs with the kids around 8PM. I happened to look back outside and noticed a truck parked across the street with someone sitting in the cab. Again, I had an odd feeling. This time it was more worrisome because I knew at least 2 different neighbors were not at home. I waited for about 15 minutes and the truck was still there. I texted my neighbor, Mark and asked him if he knew anyone with that kind of truck. No was the response I got. I made the decision then to call the non-emergency 911 phone number. I knew my situation wasn't life threatening so it didn't warrant a siren blaring. The dispatcher was incredibly nice and said she would put out a call. The truck was of course gone before any cop actually managed to do a drive by but I felt better. Recently we have had some armed men holding people up for their wallets and there have been a series of break ins reported too.

In my 12 years of living here I have seen some odd things but not many that have made think I should call 911. Let's hope that person in the truck last night didn't cause anyone any harm.

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