Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sick sick sick-- can it please go away now? part 3

Here's my health update.

Yesterday marked the end of my antibiotic. 7 days really seems to have flown by. Am I feeling better? Why yes, thank you I am. The nurse said as she was filling my prescriptions that the antibiotic will stay in my system for up to a week after.

Who is sick in my house now? My son and youngest daughter are wondering around with runny noses. NO! Please say it isn't so. And yes, they have both managed to wipe their snot on me at various points in recent days. Believe me I have tried to keep clear of it. I have been super careful about trying not to let anyone share spoons. Too late though. My nose is slowly starting to run.

Now I know, that antibiotics cannot fight the common cold nor the flu but come on! I don't need this. Not now.

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Ace Frankster said...

So sad and frustrating -- may the payoff be in a most healthful summer.