Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sick sick sick-- can it please go away now? part 2

Remember how I said on saturday I found myself actually sicker then when I had gone to the doctor on thursday of last week? It would seem those z pack antibiotics that I was prescribed did nothing for me. Monday morning rolled around and I called the doctor before 9 AM and explained my situation.

24 hours went by before I got a call back. They did apologize but come on people! The nurse was explaining to me that my doctor was prescribing a steroid in hopes that it would dry me out. Um, what? I had to spell it out in layman's terms for this woman: I never got better while on the last round of antibiotics, in fact I got worse. How is a steroid going to help me? She quickly asked if she could put me on hold. After some rather lovely elevator music drolled on in my ear the nurse came back on the phone to say they were also prescribing me an antibiotic. If for some reason after all this I still am not better then they are shipping me off to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.

Alright, the pharmacy calls and tells me my drugs are ready. Off I go with two children in tow. The pharmacist is a bit perplexed when I arrive because I was prescribed only 7 pills and yet told to take them for 10 days. I laugh to myself and say someone can't do their math. With 2 new prescriptions in hand I leave.

I have my water glass ready and take the antibiotic. And then I read the printed material that came with that medicine. Now usually I do it the other way around, I read the warning and then take the medicine. But I am rather desperate here and actually want to be healthy. It would seem the antibiotic that I was prescribed (levofloxacin) is usually given to people who think they might have been exposed to anthrax. WHAT?! Whatever happened to good old penicillin?  

The side effects from this medicine are staggering; tendon rupture, liver damage, irregular heart beat, etc... Nausea of course being only a minor one. If you combine these with the side effects that could occur from the steroid then one would think they should just go check into the hospital while they are still ahead. Did I mention dizziness? 

Here I am fixing myself and kids something to eat and starting to feel a bit paranoid about what I have just taken, when I feel myself starting to get warm. I manage to get the kids fed, we head to the living room and all I need to do is lie down. Easier said then done. My one and half year old thinks this is a great opportunity to ride mama like a horse. I get her off my stomach and move to the couch. Now I find myself in trouble again. This time I have both kids vying to lie next to me and the cat trying to find a lap to sleep on. As I am fending myself off from sloppy wet kisses my youngest is slathering me with, I am also trying to console and help my three year old son. For you see he is screaming bloody murder that his little sister has take his spot and when I suggest a different spot on the couch he finds the cat in the way. All the while I am trying not to vomit on all of them.

Note to self, take antibiotic before bed. Just in case you feel sick again all small creatures will be otherwise contained. 

Seven days from now I hope to be free and clear from all this sickness that has now plagued me for a month. There really is no rest for the weary mama.

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