Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sick sick sick-- can it please go away now?

Around February 9th, I got sick. My first thought was "great timing body, can't wait to spend my vacation this way".  Despite being sick I managed to pack the suitcase, organize everything before we left and take care of my 3 kids. Mamas never actually have the time to be properly sick, life still goes on and laundry has to happen. As we flew out of Seattle I was looking forward to the warm humid breezes that were going to push this cold away.

After ten days on Kauai, I still had congestion and was exhausted. I thought to myself "doctors always say 10 to 12 days, I'll give it a bit more time". We came back on a monday and by that friday I was worse. Why is it that by 5 PM when all the doctors have gone home your body decides to knock being sick up a level?

Here I am trundling along taking care of the kids, going to the science museum and gearing up for school on monday. All the meanwhile coughing, having sinus headaches and not getting the rest I so desperately need. I started day dreaming about doctors that still make house calls.

By wednesday of this last week I had to admit to myself, I really wasn't getting any better. I was well into my third week of being ill and it was showing absolutely no signs of going away. I was starting to feel like I was underwater. I gave in and called my doctor. I crossed my fingers that they would be nice and just prescribe me antibiotics over the phone. No such luck.

The nurse called me back as I was driving my oldest to her physical therapy appointment. She said that my doctor really did need to see me and even though the message says she is only keeping monday, wednesday, friday office hours she would be in on thursday.  Fine, I'll come in for this stupid five minute appointment with 2 of my 3 kids in tow.

Thursday arrives and guess what? We have major storms going through the area. Luckily, somehow I managed to time it just right. I got my kids in the car right after there had been a major hail downpour. We drove downtown, found street parking (this never happens!!! I didn't have to park in the garage of death!) walked to the doctor's building just before the next hail downpour started.

Some medical technician guy checked my temperature, took my weight and blood pressure and the entire time he was in the room all I could think was how much he seemed like "Boston Rob" on Survivor. My doctor then came waltzing into the exam room. This woman keeps winning awards for being such a great doctor and people always say she is such a great listener. But to me, she always (without fail) tells me I am young and I don't have to worry about anything. Um, people a lot younger then me have died of all sorts of things but okay I won't worry my pretty little head. I swear I saw her for only 5 minutes and of course she prescribed a much need antibiotic and nose spray. I can't say why she prescribed a nose spray, in fact I've used it all but twice.

Thursday I took my first two antibiotic pills, I do realize these don't work instantly. Here it is saturday and I am still seriously sick. I am sick enough that I actually took a two hour nap today. I hope it is that my body is just fighting off this infection with the extra back up of antibiotics. And not that I am going to have to do another round. Keep your fingers crossed.


Heather Moffat said...

Don't forget you can call Microsoft Mobile Medicine and they will come to your house when you are just too sick or it's the middle of the night. They came to me when I got H1N1. Take care!

Luna Indigo said...

thanks Heather! I thought about that, and then in my addled brain I forgot. :-)