Saturday, March 26, 2011

poor, poor kitty

Our poor cat is still pulling out her fur. She leaves tufts everywhere she goes. 
 This weird compulsion is getting so bad that I now have to vacuum at least twice or more a week.
 We love her dearly and seriously do not know what to do for her anymore. All the fur from her chest down to belly is gone . The skin is all bright pink. Her head has scratches all over it from her constant picking. her eyes get goopy and her ears seem to have too much wax in them. Plus she has gotten super bony. 
I know with the carpet it is hard to see but Maizy is sitting in a largely scattered pile of her own fur. Poor, pathetic cat. We aren't giving her steroids at the moment because we are afraid of doing more damage to her liver. When we put the collar of shame on her, her mood turns down to beyond depression. She has taken up the very disgusting habit of eating her used litter too. Sad cat. If we knew getting her another cat would cure her then we would go out tomorrow and get one. Somehow though this doesn't seem like the answer. 

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