Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pondering modern day Lent

*remember I am just one individual, it is okay to disagree with me, what I write is not meant to be overly offensive. It is just an opinion.*

This week marks the start of Lent for many people around the world. Like every year I watch as people I know give up various luxuries for 40 days. The things that they give up are rather silly if you ask me. Examples range from chocolate to Facebook. I say they are silly because to me those aren't true sacrifices. I also see Lent as a condensed form of New Year's Resolutions. If you can give something up for 40 days, this actually is long enough to break your habit in the first place, why start it up again? And further more if you can manage 40 days why not an entire year?

Which then led me into thinking something that will be considered by some rather devilish. I know, I know part of the original Lent was to resist temptations from the devil himself. However, I had this crazy idea of sacrifice occur to me. Why couldn't someone give up being nice for 40 days? Forty days of not being nice to those really rude people who refuse to move over to one side of the sidewalk while you are out for a walk. Forty days of not being nice to those people in the grocery store who leave their carts blocking an aisle. Forty days of not being nice to those individuals who don't seem to notice that they have just cut in front of people in a  long line by joining a friend who was "saving" their place. My list goes on and on.

I know that I would then be dubbed rude and offensive but it would be making a sacrifice. Lent these days is left up to the individuals interpretation, plus many non-christian folk do observe the holiday these days. Not to mention there are those cult religious sects all over the world who routinely misinterpret the Bible in order to carry out their very own bloody holy wars on other groups of people.

So, how wrong am I, in my wanting to give up being nice for forty days? It seems rather benign when I lay it out that way doesn't it? 

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