Monday, March 07, 2011

Not one of my talents

I seem to have many talents. I can actually cook and bake, which I know for many can cause nightmares. I seem to have a great way with children and animals.  I can somehow manage to bring the right people together to do and build great things. Sometimes I can even write pretty decently. However in the category of being domestic, filed under seamstress- I fail! My mother thought I should know how to do needlework when I was little. FAIL- unless I have a pattern drawn on a piece of cloth I couldn't do it. She tried to teach me how to use a sewing machine. I understand the concept, know how to cut and pin a pattern. I cannot sew to save my life. See below for proof.
Yesterday, I looked down at my knee and saw a hole starting to form. I have had these jeans for under a year so this is a bummer. I guess playing on the floor with the kids is really rough on clothes. I thought to myself I could just put a couple of stitches in it, maybe prolong the life of these jeans a bit longer. Um, no. Actually that was a bad idea Luna. Yes, I know my stitches should all go the same way. As in the world of crochet (yes, I have tried this trendy hobby) I cannot seem to manage to keep my stitches the same size or have the same tension between the stitches. And yet, I try time and time again. My husband is way better at sewing then I am. I need to really remember this ahead of time and hand him the needle and thread. I would save myself the effort and the frustration. 


Hayden said...

I think this is really pretty!!

Luna Indigo said...

thanks Hayden!