Thursday, March 31, 2011

No thank you uterus

(Not to gross out or lose any of my male readers here but females are at least 50% of the population so get over yourselves!)

I've been having a womanly problem as they used to say back in the 1950's. Between kids 2 and 3 I saw it briefly and actually threatened to have a hysterectomy. I had my period and not only was it longer then it should be (sometimes for 2 week stints!). It was also way too heavy. And while I don't want to be incredibly graphic here, let me just say waking up with blood running down you leg is not fun. Alright, I have my third child and now I am having the same problems. Except get this; my body is overriding birth control pills. Yes, that's right my body apparently has it's own ideas.

I called my doctor yesterday because I had had enough of this. I really don't have the time to be tied to a bathroom. What mom or woman does? In January I had already brought up my issues with her and so we had switched birth control pills. Here I am two months later (a fine trial period for a new pill) and nothing has changed. Turns out my doc was on vacation this week but I must have gotten the right nurse. She decided that I should try yet a different birth control pill and tracked down the nurse practitioner to write a prescription. 

Commonly (although never actually openly discussed) the more babies a woman has, the more likely her periods will become heavier and she'll need different levels of estrogen to regulate it. I was happy to hear there are more things to try if this doesn't work. Which means a hysterectomy isn't in my immediate future. Whew!

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