Friday, March 11, 2011

the morning routine

As a parent who has kids heading off to daycare, preschool or school in the morning you must have a daily routine. Whether it is the night before or the morning of. You have to get the snacks/ lunches ready. Make sure there are clean clothes for your children to wear. Have gas in the car if you are driving them anywhere. The list goes on and on. Being a mother of a special needs child, I have some extra steps involved in making it a successful day for my oldest child.

Every morning I have to put her splints on. When we first got the splints this was no easy task. We were literally wrestling our 50 pound daughter for about 15 minutes every morning just trying to secure them on her feet. She is really good at wiggling, throwing her weight around and pressing with all her might against you just to get out of your grasp. Add to the mix to little siblings who would walk off with the splints and this seriously became an ordeal. I even asked for pointers from all her therapists because I was so frustrated with her behavior.

Today we have a completely different story. If pressed for time I can actually get those damn splints on in under two minutes now. My other children don't walk off with them anymore either. My oldest still will put up a good fight but I am usually ready for her. The funny thing for me now is watch her therapists try and put them on. They struggle like I did 6 months ago because for them, it's a whole new ball game!

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