Saturday, March 19, 2011

Has found the limits of my camera

My point and shoot camera is good for many things. The 12.1 mega pixels help make it take better quality pictures. However, it has just proven that it is pretty useless when taking a night photo of the moon. I tried all the various settings, as you can see if you scroll down. Thank you super moon for being my test subject.

 Is that a UFO I see? Oh, no just the moon and a cloud.

 I like how the camera in this setting has managed to capture a very crisp circle and yet missed any shading of the actual moon surface.
 It would see that this setting really needed to use a flash. I think I scared the walker down on the sidewalk.
 Super whole moon grains. Get them while you can!

Guess I need to work on actually finding myself a nice versatile SLR camera and maybe upgrade my point and shoot to 14 mega pixels.

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