Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gone missing

Before traveling to the island of Kauai this past February, my husband and I came to the realization that we couldn't carry all that we needed with us in our suitcase. We shipped a box off to the rental agency we were renting our townhouse from. On friday, February 18th we shipped that very same box back to ourselves with things we no longer needed on vacation. We returned to Seattle the following monday (President's Day).  Naturally we assumed the box would appear within about a week or so. Time elapsed into two full weeks and still no box. I told my husband that someone forgot to stick it on the airplane. 3 weeks, no box but now we have a call into the post office. For some reason the policy of the post office with lost packages is you have to wait an entire month before you can fill out a form asking them to look for it in the lost items warehouse. On this form you must describe each item that was in your package as best you can, otherwise they won't find it. My husband and I had given up all hope for ever seeing anything from this box again.
 And then today something miraculous happened. Our mail carrier knocked on the door and low and behold the missing box was there, actually sitting on our porch in one piece. (my dog, Gus had to inspect the box) The box appears never to have burst open. Which then makes one wonder why on earth did it take six weeks to find it's destination? There of course is no one we can ask this too.
I laughed really hard when I opened our box because if anyone had stolen it they would have been very sad. Can you make out some of the contents? Diapers, pajamas, undershirt and towels. Isn't that exciting? 

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