Monday, March 21, 2011

Emotional Wreck

It suddenly dawned on me today that I am standing on a very small precipice over a very giant canyon. I feel as if even with the slightest whiff of a rejection and I could crumple like a dry leaf in autumn. This is abnormal for me. For all you insensitive males who think you would be funny by stating "Well you are a woman", might I warn you that I could bitch slap you into next week. I am not suffering from PMS. Nor am I pregnant, which  is when I last experienced this crazy roller coaster rides of emotions. 

I am pretty sure I got to this point so early in the week because my son has been having over the top tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He used to just reserve them for me or my husband in the quiet of our own home. Now he has expanded his tantrums anywhere, anytime. He can have them in quick succession or spread them out over the day. And they are about the silliest and stupidest things. Examples have been: his not being in the front going up the stairs, us not buying him yet another match box car or forgetting to give him a blanket in the car (even if it is 80 degrees outside!)

No, we don't give in because that doesn't serve us. We ask him to talk to us without screaming and whining. He's been given timeouts for his crazy antics and yet he still has them. Neither my husband nor I can figure out why he keeps insisting on throwing bigger and bigger fits.

My son has also decided that he wants to get smaller and be an only child. Apparently, all the attention of his parents is supposed to be lavished upon him. He will even throw a fit if you tell him he is growing and getting bigger. In order to get his daddy by himself the other day he locked me out of the house.  Thanks to wanting be smaller my son also refuses to learn how to be potty trained. It doesn't matter what other kids his age are doing, he just doesn't pay attention.

Thanks to the constant whining and screaming I am tired and emotionally done before the day even starts. My husband comes home and he'll get frustrated with what our son is doing. I'll remind my husband he hasn't been home all day and he should be more forgiving.  It is me who needs the break.

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