Monday, March 28, 2011

Emotional Wreck Part 2

New week = same problems. I have been trying to get beyond the constant whining and screaming tantrums my son has been throwing with greater frequency over the last few months. With the first part of this writing I got many different suggestions, feedback and awesome support. 

I had one break through with my son late one night last week. He was super tired and not sleeping. I had come across the movie "Parenthood" near the tale end and let him watch it. When I turned it off, he began to whine and cry. With his sisters sleeping I didn't want him to get to loud. As he was starting to kick and cry louder I asked him flat out " when you act like this have you ever gotten what you wanted?" He looked at me and said "no" and then stopped.

Another interesting thing I have learned from him is this: he wants just to be with daddy. He doesn't want to spend time with me or his sisters. I am guessing that because my husband goes to work that my son misses him through out the day. I know that is a normal thing but these tantrums are a bit extreme.

My husband and I happened to bring this up with someone who taught early childhood classes for 35 years. She started to quiz us about changes in the household.  Are there any big things going on right now that could be causing this distress. Nope, not really. We aren't moving. We aren't divorcing. There isn't any real big arguments between his parents.  She said that potty training can cause undue stress on a child. I agree with this but my son refuses to learn how to be potty trained so we haven't forced him. Which brought up a funny conversation. It seems we are all in the same boat here. The 3 of us are wondering about this trend of potty training kids later and later. She said she knows a 5 year old who still has issues at night. 20 years ago everyone was potty trained by 2. Have kids changed that much? Or is it our society? Who's to say.

I have to say I am worried about how my son seems more and more inclined to want to hurt his little sister. Whether it is closing a door on her fingers or attempting to push her down the stairs because she is in front of him.  I know there are sibling rivalries but I don't like this violent trend and am trying to nip it in the bud. I don't want anyone going to the hospital or worse. 

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